• International Design School
    Portland Summer School in architecture, interior and urban design, digital design, and filmmaking by Artclever
    August 1 — August 6
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Program overview

Five-day program designed for urban lovers, future architects, designers, filmmakers, and other creative personalities who are passionate about exploring the modern creative industries. We are proud to partner with Convergence Architecture, a leading collaborative design studio based in Portland, Oregon, to offer an unparalleled learning experience!

Portland Summer Program is designed to give the participant a closer look at the daily lifestyle of university students, companies, and studios, and at yourself as a creative person, and creative economy insider.

The program includes:

  • lectures;
  • portfolio design workshop and review;
  • resume design workshop, cover letters writing workshop;
  • professional film studio workshop;
  • open talks with practicing professionals;
  • experts feedback;
  • relevant excursions and tours.

Our educational adventure will be going from 10 am - 4 pm daily with an hour lunch break.

As a result, the participants get a ready-to-use portfolio, resume, and cover letter design guide, creative works professionals review and feedback, a relevant 'must read' list and 'must know' check-list, academic recommendation letter, Oregon Architecture Foundation and Artclever Career Club student membership.

Maria Pokrovskaya

Maria Pokrovskaya is a Professor of Architecture and Senior Lecturer at MARCH. She is also a Guest Professor at COMPOSTELA and co-founder of Artclever, Artclever PDX School, and "CanvasCanvas.

Maria has taught in Spain, Russia, and the U.S., and since 2016, she has helped over 1000 students graduate from her online courses and personal training. She is a respected judge and expert in student and professional competitions and exhibitions, as well as a frequent lecturer and moderator of professional panels at architectural conferences.

Tatiana Berger

Tatiana is an expert in architecture and urban design, with an M.ARCH degree from Princeton University and Assoc. AIA certification. She is the ANFA Director of Education and Professor of Architecture, specializing in global networking, architectural engineering, management, and leadership. Tatiana is also the Chair of Moving Boundaries Summer Course and Conference and Principal and Owner of Moving Boundaries.

With previous positions at the NewSchool of Architecture and Design and Boston Architectural College, Tatiana co-founded and directed the Compostela Research Institute and taught online courses at various international universities in Italy, Brazil, Chile, the United States, and Germany.

Joel Bean

Joel Bean graduated with a Master's degree in Music from Portland State University and is a dedicated student of jazz improvisation. He learned from prominent musicians like George Colligan, Kenny Werner, and Garry Dial, among others. Joel is proficient in multiple languages such as German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian. His goal is to apply his knowledge in music and language to assist students in expressing their ideas with honesty and clarity in various fields.

Joel has helped others achieve their musical and linguistic aspirations, and he is committed to teaching the subject matter while encouraging students to apply what they learn uniquely. Each student has a unique skill to offer, and Joel's goal is to assist them in discovering and nurturing it to benefit the whole. He inspires his students to attain their full potential.

Barb Anderson

Managing Principal at Convergence Architecture, host of Artclever School in 2022. Barb Anderson began her architectural career in 2000 with the majority of her architectural experience in the Portland area. Barb graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from North Dakota State University and is a registered architect in Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin.

She has participated in the design of over twenty new and remodeled fire stations, as well as a variety of other building types, such as office buildings, optometrist clinics, and industrial buildings. She enjoys managing projects and facilitating communication among team members to ensure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

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