• The Power of Business Communication with English Speakers
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About the course

This exclusive workshop will give Russian speakers invaluable insights that will transform their communication with native English speakers. Here's what's in store:

  • Essential techniques to effortlessly enhance and streamline your business communication.
  • Detailed examples and five straightforward yet potent templates for crafting compelling pitches, impactful letters, dynamic presentations, and successful negotiations.
  • A practical table template to seamlessly track and analyze metrics from your interactions with potential clients, partners, investors, or employers.

Don't wait any longer — seize this opportunity to create an impactful pitch to open doors to endless possibilities for you!

The Teacher
Maria Pokrovskaya
She graduated from the Architectural College, Architectural Institute (MArhI),
Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art I. Bakshtein.
She is very active where exhibitions are concerned and takes part in international art competitions.
Teaches at bachelor level in the Moscow Architectural School (MARSh)
and the British Higher School of Design (BVShD)
The Power of Business Communication with English Speakers
Cost — $20 $10
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