About the course

We promise that in this practical course you will not waste time and energy on something that has nothing to do with the profession!

With all the popularity of education in the field of interior design in the online space, this is the first current course that meets the modern requirements and threads of the industry, the author of which is a practicing, successful and experienced designer.

The course is perfect for you if you:
—Are starting your own professional practice;
—Need to learn a new profession;
—Want to create a competent project of an apartment, house, office or other space for yourself.

You have a chance to become part of the professional community of the design industry.

What you get from the course

The training course is developed on the basis of programs of higher professional education and author's methods.

The training program is adapted for people with different levels of training and professional skills in the field of design.

As a result of the course you create your own project of redevelopment of an apartment or a house.

You create your own professional portfolio and CV, accompanied by a teacher.

During the entire period of study you receive reviews, help, advice from the teacher, communicate with fellow students.

With successful training, you receive an Artclever certificate signed and recommended by Diana Balashova and publication of the works.

The best student of each group gets an opportunity within six months after the end of the course to consult on their projects with Diana Balashova

Course Objectives

Each Artclever course means our reputation.

Qualitative educational content for distance learning we create so that you can get an affordable education anywhere at any time works for you, than be successful in the chosen field.

Together we develop the Online Education industry and raise the bar of quality.

Diana Balashova
She is in the top-10 best decorators in Russia according to ELLE Decoration (Russia). Diana began her career as an artist-decorator in cinemas and theatre, having received a basic education as a theatre artist. Since the 90s, with the beginning of the construction boom in Russia, I came to the profession of interior designer. Diana has her own office "Diana Balashova Studios", which is working on the creation of residential and commercial interiors. Not being a follower of any particular style, Diana constantly experiments with the space assigned to her, using new materials, technologies, her own imagination and imagination. Its interiors are practical, maximally adapted to the customer and, at the same time, filled with fresh sensual ideas and innovative solutions that form its special handwriting. Diane is a regular participant of TV programs dedicated to the interior, where she transforms the space and gives artistic master classes to create DIY objects and objects for the interior. Diana is incredibly popular in her professional environment, not only thanks to her works, highly appreciated colleagues, but also because she is willing to share her experience.
Anna Zolotareva

Graduated from Moscow State University for the Humanities (Department of Art History and RSUH), the Faculty of Architecture, Contemporary Art and Cinema, and has been working with private and public spaces for 10 years. Anna realizes her knowledge of the art of cinema through participation in TV programs—before the "Summer Response" were "Fazenda" and "Project / Style TV". Anna believes that an individual style is a global mix of times and ages.

  • Layout

    1. Potential for the layout of the apartment. Advantages and burdens: how the configuration, the number of windows, the location of the risers, the number of storeys, the location of the entrance to the apartment affect the possibilities of successful redevelopment of the apartment.

    2. Rules for redevelopment of apartments-legal component.

    3. The composition of the interior is laid by the layout. Zoning: private and public parts of the apartment. Symmetry and axes. Standards of liquid and comfortable housing.

  • Stylistic solution

    4. Styling in the interior.

    5. The connection of stylistics with the architecture of the house, time and place.

    6. The interior designer as an image maker and as a personal stylist.

  • Colouristic space

    7. Color science. Basic principles.

    8. Search for ideas for the color of the interior. Advertising photography as an object of inspiration.

  • Trends

    9. Trends in interior design.

    9.1. Resources and sources. Where to get information and how to work with it.

  • Ergonomics

    10. Fundamentals of ergonomics.

    11. Arrangement of furniture.

    12. Selection of upholstered furniture, market review. Interesting furniture factories.

  • Heating, lighting, ventilation, plumbing

    13. Principles of lighting organization. Create a lighting plan. Light engineering calculation.

    14. Outline of outlets.

    14.1. Heating. Radiators and convectors.

    15. Ventilation and air conditioning.

    16. Design of bathrooms - general principles. Composition of the interior and engineering issues.

    17. Choice of sanitary ware.

    18. Selection of tiles. Layout of tiles in the bathroom. Calculation.

  • Embedded Systems

    19. Kitchen design - general principles. Ergonomics, fashion, lifestyle, kitchen appliances.

    20. Design of dressing rooms. Ergonomics.

  • Fencing elements, surface finish

    21. Doors. How to choose how to make a list of doors. Survey of factories.

    22. The ceiling. Modern ideas for ceiling design.

    23. Decorative and technical light. Survey of factories.

    24. Wall decoration. Paint and the features of working with it.

    25. Wall decoration. Wallpapers and features of working with them.

    26. Sex. Wood, engineering and parquet board, array. Laminate.

    27. The floor of rolled materials - linoleum, carpet, sports cover, cork, bolon.

    28. Floor construction. Combination of flooring. Joints. Plinth.

  • Decor. Ecology of space

    29. Textiles in the interior. Ideas. Models of curtains.

    30. Carpets.

    31. Companions-selection of interior components. The method of roll call.

    32. Contrast. The method of contrasting in the interior.

    33. Composition in the interior.

    34. Art in the interior.

    35. Plants in the interior.

  • Estimates

    36. Estimate of the project.

    37. Work with contractors.

Interiors of Diana Balashova
Learning process
  • Training takes place remotely. Video lessons are available at any time convenient for you. You receive a link to access the first unit and you can view the lessons any number of times and at any convenient time within the duration of the course.
  • You will get access to the course review no later than 9:00 (MSC) on the appointed day of the course start.
  • Video tutorials contain practical tasks. Some lessons are available only after completing the practical tasks of the previous lessons.
  • For each lesson of the course, you have the opportunity to consult a teacher on the course feed by attaching a file, a photo or by simply asking a question in our chat. Take a picture of your work for assignments and publish it on the feed of the lesson page below the video in the Learning Block.
  • The teacher comments on the completed tasks, points out mistakes, approves or asks for work to be resubmitted. Until the teacher accepts a practical task for some lessons, you cannot continue learning in the next block (stop-lesson). In extremely exceptional cases, the course administrator can grant you access to the block or the whole course after the treatment.
  • During the whole term of the course, you receive technical support: notifications, reminders, answers to technical questions, technical assistance.
  • You communicate with the teacher all the time; he/she will answer all questions. Do not expect the presence of an online teacher permanently.
  • The teacher has the right not to respond to messages on social networks or through other means of communication, except for a chat on Artclever platform.
  • If your learning process was successful you get a certificate.
  • In the near future, courses will have subtitles in Russian and English, and an online chat translator.
  • You have the opportunity to extend the access to video lessons for 7 days, without communication with the teachers and without the possibility of sending new works.
  • Refund guarantee. We guarantee a refund at your request. You can claim a refund within 48 hours of the course beginning. If the course is made by Artclever, you need to message us: info@artclever.com. If the course made with any partner, you must contact the administration of the partner during business hours.
  • Enjoy your learning!
We send certificates to graduates anywhere in the world
Required Inventory
  • Drawing paper folder A3
  • Counting in a roll or sheets Canson A3
  • Sketchbook A4
  • Liners 0.1 / 0.3 / 0.5
  • Brush-pen black and gray
  • Pencils B, 2B, 4B
  • Camera or Smartphone
  • Markers translucent Copic or Touch (the palette of markers is replenished as needed and as the tasks are completed)
  • Eraser
  • Stationery knife (cutter)
  • Masking tape
  • Ruler (50 cm)
  • Ruler (30 cm)
A special offer will be available for those who signed up for the webinar on November 4st!
The works of the second course flow will be checked by Diana Balashova together with Anna Zolotareva.
‘Foundations of Interior Design’
5 Dec — 16 Jan
Course price — 445 $
  • Alexander Skomorovsky
    student of the Higher School of Economics
    Online format is the trend and necessity for a modern lifestyle, both for me and for my peers! I graduated from art school and did a few foundation courses, since I planned to pursue a degree in architecture. But the choice of university was still not easy. It's great that on Artclever I can take various introductory courses or webinars from teachers and schools of interest!
  • Luda Nikishina
    brand designer Luda Nikishina
    In my view Artclever has set a high standard of quality! Both a professional and a beginner can find smth interesting here. It's great that the opportunity to get education from the world's leading Institutes is now open for wide audiences! Especially it's relevant for our country. Among other things, Maria's course is filled with beauty! We have been friends for many years and I am confident in her professionalism and responsible and heartful approach. In this we are similar. Waiting for the new courses! Wishes of success to the project!
  • Vladimir Lee
    aircraft interior engineer
    A promising start-up! Good job of the team! I work a lot, I fly around the world and for me personally online education is an excellent opportunity to continue developing my professional skills in design. Initially I enrolled in the British program with the British Higher School of Design, but I couldn't combine studies and job and was forced to abandon my dream. Therefore, I look forward to new online courses from the School on Artclever platform. And thanks for the option of English subtitles - you can practice the language.
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